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Ludlam demolishes data retention bill

At the end of January, the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security (PJCIS) held two days of hearings into the government’s data retention legislation (transcripts here and here). These hearings were at times a testy affair, with a number

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The 90s and Now: FBI and its Inability to Cope with Encryption

This post, by Amul Kalia, was originally published on EFF’s Deeplinks blog on 29th October 2014. Australian authorities are using many of the same arguments, including to justify the mandatory data retention legislation introduced into parliament last week. Recently, FBI

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Perfect Forward Secrecy: an Important Web Privacy Protection

This is a modified version of an article first published by Parker Higgins on EFF’s Deeplinks blog on 28th August 2013. See the original article. When you access a Web site over an encrypted connection, you’re using a protocol called

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