Campaigns unfortunately cost money. While we are very careful to keep our costs as low as possible, we need funding to make this campaign a success.

Your donation will help us with travel costs, to enable us to meet with MPs and Senators and to appear before parliamentary committees; with design and development costs, so that we can expand the functionality of this site; with media engagement and social media management; and will help us to get great speakers in from overseas to speak about experiences there.

CNS T-shirt

All one-off donations of at least $60.00 will receive one of these great campaign t-shirts as well as some campaign stickers to help you show your support for the campaign.

Can’t stretch to $60? All donations of $20 and over get some cool campaign stickers.





BitCoin Donations

We are now also able to accept BitCoin donations. If you’d like us to know it’s coming from you (to claim your t-shirt, for example), email us at weare[AT] If you’d like it to be anonymous, don’t.

Our wallet address is: 1MtfvcxToHDyqGzoR2Nve1rfkAPCdBv1oC

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